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25.5.2016 : 18:44

EIFFEL project

EIFFEL is a consortium of 8 partners from 6 different European countries, co-ordinated by RWTH University Aachen, which aims to mobilise European researchers to discuss and debate the future of the Internet.

The EIFFEL SSA has the following objectives which can be directly observed: 

Creation of a pan European community of scientific/technical experts that will be able in collaboration with other International initiatives (research, experimental, etc.) to investigate important areas for the Future Networked Society, study the fundamental internet architecture and design principles such as to produce a structuring and cohesive vision of the future network society. 

Creation of a European Dialog to ensure that the foundational scientific and exploratory investigation leads to cooperative exchanges with the engineering and evolutionary investigations such as to derive deployable design principles within the 2020-2025 timeframe for the Future Networked Society. 

Identification of the areas of investigation and research that are crucial for the transformation of the Internet towards the Future Networked Society. Enforce holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches during the investigation. Steer and support research activities (in these domains) by providing appropriate tools, feedback, etc. in order to sustain open and broad technical trajectories of investigation.

The visible results:

The implementation of these objectives will yield the following dedicated results from the EIFFEL SSA:

1. EIFFEL Think Tank Meetings as the key mechanism to foster community creation and exchange, aiming at objectives 1 and 2.

2. Architecture and research manifestos, reports and position papers as an outcome of these think tank meetings, aiming at objective 3. These manifestos and position papers will be the direct outcome of the discussions and debate that the EIFFEL think tank meetings will facilitate. The consensus nature of these outcomes, together with the envisioned high quality of the audience producing these outcomes, is expected to give them the legitimacy required for the impact that they would target for. It is the task of the EIFFEL SSA to properly record and disseminate these think tank meeting results.

3. Web presence and electronic forum as tools for dissemination for selected material, including feedback gathering from the larger community, aiming at objective 1 and 2. Moreover it is possible to register to an emailing list in order to receive EIFFEL newsletters and reports automatically, subscribe to RSS feeds on news and reports.

4. Several highly focused “Future Internet Magazine or Journal” issues as a means for distributing selected highlights of state-of-the-art research and position papers in a peer reviewed manner, aiming at objective 3. This does not intend to build competition to established ACM e.g. Computer Communication Review or IEEE publications e.g. Transaction on Networking but rather establish a focused channel of recognition for top research work. Such magazine could be either special issue of the existing top quality magazine in the field or published by SSA itself and circulated towards the major stakeholders in gratis.