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The EIFFEL initiative is a Support Action (SA) proposed for the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The EIFFEL SA is all about mobilizing European researchers to discuss and debate on the future of the Internet towards the development of the future networked society. For this purpose, the EIFFEL SA will setup of a pan-European discussion forum and technical think-tank on enabling conflict-free, talented and scientific-oriented discussions around the future of the Internet. It is a non-competitive forum oriented towards technology and interest on building the trajectories for the future network society. Its overall objective is to provide a place for discussing and exchanging ideas and research trajectories on the future of the Internet architecture and governance building as a foundation of the future networked society.


undefinedA white paper from the EIFFEL Think-Tank
(release 13 July 2009, pdf 402 KB)

This white paper presents the first findings of the group based on its discussions and intends to serve as a stimulus for future actions towards this goal.

EIFFEL: Evolved Internet Future for European Leadership

The EIFFEL think tank was established in July 2006 as a group of individual researchers, upon an initiative of the EC DG Information Society, with the intention to address questions as to the how such an ambitious goal as defining the Future Internet can be achieved within the context of pan-European and global research.